Flashing Blades & Daring Do

Rebellion of Crystal Skull

Another costume party at the country estate of the Archduke of Paris.
A handwritten note from the Archduke comes with the invitations.
My Friends,
It is most important that you attend this party. Please visit my personal costumer, Mssr. Balls of Paris, and bedeck yourselves with my compliments. Also, be certain that your special carriage is fully packed.
Le Archduke.
At the party, the Archduke will have arranged for impostures in duplicate costumes to confuse any spies.
The Archduke wish the Order of the Silver Monkey to travel secretly to the Spanish town of Cordona and steal the golden statue of The Madonna of the Rising Sun from the Count of Cordona. They are then to travel to Barcelona where a schooner, the Foam Flyer, will be waiting to whisk them to Marsielle.
Marsielle is another ruse; from there they are to transfer to their own ship and set sail for Martinique.
In Martinique, they are to meet their guide, John Anu. He will lead them into the jungle south of Lake Maracaibo to speak with a tribe od Arawak Indians who had their idol of the sun goddess stolen from them. If its returned, they will become allies of King Louie.

The Count of Cordona

Marie Bonnard du Parquet, niece of Martinique Governor Jacques Dyel du Parquet. Marie’s handmaidens are Jezebel and Coquette.
Spanish agents El Puño Negro

In Marsielle, there will be agents of Cardinal Richelieu looking for the Madonna of the Rising Sun for the Cardinal’s own schemes. Lt. Jaques Forquez of the Cardinal’s Guards has taken the officers of the ship of the silver monkey prisoner on false charges of heresy. He has taken them to St. Gimer’s Church in Carcassonne. Boson Payne knows that One-eyed Tom overhead the Guards destination from his hiding place.
Locals in Carcassonne will have noticed strange goings on at the church. Four of the Cardinal’s Guards are armed with Duckfoot pistols for an
Carcassonne became famous in its role in the Albigensian Crusades, when the city was a stronghold of Occitan Cathars. In August 1209 the crusading army of Simon de Montfort forced its citizens to surrender. After capturing Raymond-Roger de Trencavel, imprisoning him and allowing him to die, Montfort made himself the new viscount. He added to the fortifications. Carcassonne became a border citadel between France and the kingdom of Aragon (Spain).ambush.

Whilst sailing from Marsielle to Martinique, the ship is blown off course by an Atlantic storm. When the storm breaks; the ship is damaged and in need of fresh water. The lookout spots an uncharted island. This island, south of the Azores, is inhabited by dark skinned natives who worship some manner of monkey god named Kang. The natives will want white women to sacrifice to Kang. Kang is the trained pet albino gorilla of Burton Shedwick, a stranded explorer, who uses some stage magic to make Kang appear more divine. The natives usually sacrifice animals which Burton and Kang use to supplement their diet. Kang has no use for white women.
Prof. Shedwick and Kang accompany the party to Martinique.

After the ball celebrating the return of Marie Bonnard du Parquet; the Governor Jacques Dyel du Parquet is kidnapped during his morning constitutional. On investigation, the scene of a struggle is found with the Governor’s bodyguards and a third, scruffy looking, man all dead. Captain Rene Rochambeau of the Watch has also been killed, by poison. The kidnappers, agents of Spain, plan to hold the Governor until they can also kill the Secretary of Affairs, Sir Jean Pierre du Camfort. Head Clerk Fomulus du Vichy is in league with the Spanish as well. The kidnappers, lead by Pedro el Ojete, are hold up inside a dormant volcano. Watch Lieutenants: Mohan, Laurence, Jerome.

John Anu has prepare a small cargo of goods for Maracaibo, plus gifts and weapons for the Arawak tribes to the south. Anu knows a servant from the Governor’s house you is his informant.
Lurigaluo, daughter of Chief Peliman from an Arawak tribe on the southern shores of Lake Maracaibo, is being held hostage in the manor of Don Violador. Rescuing her will please the chief and piss off the Spanish.
The Spanish gunboat Pato is patrolling Lake Maracaibo and will cause trouble for any suspicious ship.
Chief Peliman, who speaks broken French, will welcome the return of his daughter and religious icon and be open to the heroes ideas.
The village shaman, Mogiburo, will tell the story of a group of semi-mythical warriors called the Eternal Skull Warriors.
Mogiburo takes the Royal Order of the Silver Monkey to meet the Eternal Skull Warrior, a mix of native, white, black and mixed race ass-kickers (Names: Mogogo, Long Pig, Ferigiman, Belle, Gascon, Semicocoa, Ibindigo, Doricule, Samash). If impressed by the party, they will be valuable allies. Belle is a Master Superior of Stealth and will shadow the party as they approach.

Captured French Frigate: Formidable
It’s late May and the Silver Train is in Maracaibo.
Colonel Jose Hobinaro commands a unit of Horse Artillery that is guarding the Silver Train. The Grey Poupon stays in Martinique to marry Marie Bonnard.



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