Flashing Blades & Daring Do

The Brothers in Corsica

The adventure begins in a bar in Paris, a tournament of Skittles le Fromages is taking place, accompanied by much gambling and drinking.
A simple and pious priest, very out of place, enters and seeks the Royal Order of the Silver Monkey. His name is Fr. Henri and an artifact of holy significance has been stolen from his church. It is an irregular silver disk depicting Mary Magdalene washing the feet of Jesus. It is always displayed on her feast day and the priest is desperate to have it returned.
The disk was stolen by two brothers, Francois and Ernesto de Proven├žal, along with the coins in the poor box.
The brothers traveled to the Plastered Gander roadside inn, run by Gascon. Babette tell the Order about the Brothers visit.

The Order hires No-Neck Pierre away from the Brothers. Seeing no better option, No-Neck Pierre hires himself to the Order for 10000 livre per annum. His first duty is to divulge the brothers traveling plans. They fled to Marseilles, with minions covering their path. From Marseille they sailed to Ajaccio in Corsica; aboard the Garspochia.

Several minions have taken over the Wavewalker and killed her the crew. The lone survivor being the Captains young daughter, Ilsa, who hid below decks. The Pirates have orders to kill anyone who wishes to go to Corsica.

The order defeats the Pirates and sail the ship to Corsica.

Arriving at Ajaccio, the Order begins to track down the whereabouts of the Brothers.

Leaving Ajaccio, our heroes made their way to Evons Tower. At the tower is a shrine to Mary Magdalena.

North of Evons Tower, was the burnt cabin, behind which was the rock with the map to the destination.

The path leads into rough country.
At last, the villainous brother are confronted and defeated.



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