Lysette, the Baroness le Rotund

Adventurous noblewoman, former crossdressing musketeer


Short height (5’0"), thin build
Blonde hair, blue eyes
Social Rank 10, Hit Points: 12*, Encumbrance: 11

Strength: 11, Dexterity: 18*, Endurance: 10*
Wit: 15**, Charm: 15, Luck: 10*

Fighting Skills
French Style 17 (13), +1 bonus with rapiers
Firearms 14 (11)*
Brawling 11 (9)
Gunnery 3 (4)

Acrobatics (Master Superior) 18
Bureaucratics: 15
Captaincy 15****
Disguise (Master) 15
Espionage (Master) 15
Etiquette (Master) 15
Fine Manipulation (Master) 18
Horsemanship (Master) 18
Oratory: 15
Seamanship (Master)
Strategy 15**
Squash (Master) 18
Stealth (Master) 18

Alfonso rapier ( +2 hit, +1 parry, +2 to breakage checks )
Splendid rapier sword cane ( +2 hit, +1 parry )
Splendid rapier concealed in a parasol ( +2 hit, +1 parry )
Main gauche ( +1 hit, +4 total parry )
Fine double-barrel wheel-lock dueling pistol ( +1 hit )
Single-barrel wheel-lock dueling pistol
Flintlock arquebus

Leather jerkin (2), gauntlets (1), padded sleeves (1), padded breeches (1), boots (1), gold rose pin (symbol of the Queen’s favor), power horn, powder & shot, watchmaker’s tools in a leather envelope, watchmaker’s tools concealed as an elaborate hat pin, watchmaker’s tools concealed in a corset, physician’s kit

Possessions on Display or Stored at the Maison le Rotund
Flashy fake plate mail knight’s costume, splendid Arabian harem girl costume, fine Spanish gown, gold Aztec calendar disc, Galilean telescope, Indian princess costume, gold crucifix blessed by Pope Alexander VII, Papal absolution scroll, Antwerp squash champion’s headband, squash rackets & gear, fine white dress, Jean Rousseau’s old wardrobe, bottle of Ouzo, pole brace, cannon, fine Austrian swag from the Holy Roman Emperor

Lysette is a French Baroness, ruler of the Val du Rotund
Lysette lives at the Maison le Rotund, a large country estate located to the South of Paris in the Val du Rotund
She is a member of the Royal Fellowship of the Silver Monkey, and the Queens Order of the Knights of the Rose
The Colonel of the King’s Musketeers knew the secret of Jean Rousseau
Lysette’s fallen brothers are Oboe (the fat musketeer), Louis (the Black Fox), Hugh the Swine, and Jacques (the gentleman detective).
Lysette has tarted around with Crown Prince Hubert of the Netherlands
She has a ward, a young orphan boy named Mordecai
She has another ward, an orphan girl named Ilsa Jenkins
She has a small skull tattooed on the inside of her right thigh, a symbol of the mysterious Skull Warriors of Venezuela
No-neck Pierre is now our agent on a probational basis, competent, mercenary, ruthless.
Fooled around with the dread pir… privateer Robespierre in Martinique.


Lysette, the Baroness le Rotund

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