Flashing Blades & Daring Do


We begin at a garden party hosted at the estate of the Viscount de Camenbarre.
At the party is a demonstration of a pair of dancing automatons built by Prof. Frederick Von Gimbal. With the help of Hans and Gregor, he puts on a remarkable show; to the delight of Lady Milicent de Camenbarre.
After investigators, the Colonel of the Black Musketeers asks the Order of the Silver Monkey to investigation.

After some investigation at the Clockenplaza, it was discovered that the men of Baron Kreighammer were soon to pick up a shipment.

The plan became to pass themselves as itinerant clockmakers. Arriving at the Schloss Kreighammer; they intrigued and finessed their into the Baron’s gworkood graces. A quick ambush ended the Baron Kreighammer, who disturbingly had clockwork within his body, but not before he triggered his death trap.

Upon escape from the deadly fortress; the Order encounters one of the clockmeisters that worked for the Baron, Herr Manfred Manheim. He hid as the other surviving craftsmen, and all their notes, were taken by unfortunate men.
The men are Hapsburg agents, plotting to use clockwork soldiers for Hapsburg world domination.
The court of Count Seville is involved is a celebration.
The Lady Anne of the Long Night is being feted.

The nefarious plot of Baron Kreighammer auf Burgdorf.



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