Louie Louie

Gentelman Don Juan Extraordinaire Tall and thin with longish black hair, an impeccable goatee and sharp, handsome features with a dashing dueling scar on his right cheek..


Louie.jpgStrength 9
Dexterity 12
Endurance 16
Wit 18
Charm 18
Luck 14

Hit points 20

Combat skills:
Firearms 13 (11)
Fencing 12 (10)
Pistol 19 (14)
Rapier 17 (13)
Main gauche 15 (13)

French style martial training

Seduction (Master Superior)
Etiquette (Master)
Disguise (Master)
Oratory (Master)
Espionage (Master)
Chemist (2 checks)
Stealth (9 checks)
Forgery (1 check)
Squash (3 checks)
Horsemanship (3 checks)
Languages English, Spanish, German, Italian

Background: Gentleman
Advantage: Lackey – Issac Bohnhead
Secret: Don Juan
Social Rank: 9
Title: Chevalier

Club: Royal Fellowship of the Silver Monkey
Order: Queen’s Order Knights of the Rose


Louie Louie

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